November 30, 2019

The Bir Festival 2020

15th -17th May 2020

The Bir Festival 2020 conducted by AryaMarga Yoga in association with Pragyata, will be a new platform for bringing together Yoga and Classical music lovers desiring health and joy from all over the world.

The festival will gather in one place, at one time, experienced Yoga teachers, Healing arts practitioners, expert lecturers and some of the finest Classical musicians. We will also introduce the visitors to the healing and evolutionary arts of Sound and Vision healing, while on the music stage part of the festival, Pragyata’s classical music line-up will set the mood for the afternoons and late evenings.

All of this will be decorated and conducted under the general understanding of the Five Elements that form the Universe and each one of us. It will be a festival of the five Elements, a celebration of the Five Senses in harmony.

Yoga Roundtable Conference (YRC)

YRC is a concept founded on the need to have authenticity and true depth included in the teaching and learning of Yoga. To move deeper and higher into inner experiences beyond the reach of asana practice, the essential practices and techniques of Yoga should be included in the teaching curriculum of Yoga studios/ centres.

Our goal at Aryamarga Yoga is to help bring together authentic masters of the grand lineages and traditions of Yoga and the modern practitioners or teachers of Yoga from around the world in one place, here at Bir. The aim is for the codification and transmission of authentic inner yoga practices so that these practices can then be taught to students of Yoga around the world.

The Location

The Bir Yoga & Music Festival will be held in and around the mountain village of Bir, a quaint eco-village nestled in the laps of Himalayan foothills. Sweet little Bir is famous for modern adventure sports such as Paragliding, Ridge Trekking & Downhill Mountain Biking. The unpolluted Himalayan setting with existing authentic Vajrayana Buddhist and Naga Lineage Yoga teaching Institutes provide the perfect setting for the 3-Day Bir Yoga & Music Festival.


Wake up to crisp mountain mornings and end your day under a blanket of million stars. Camping in the mountain foothills is an integral part of the Bir Yoga & Music Festival experience. Guests will be provided with a dedicated camping space overlooking the mighty Himalayas. Attendees need to arrange for their Camping equipment – tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, flashlights, hammocks etc. while porta-toilet and freshwater facility will be available at the camping ground.

Rooms & Resort Lodging
Attendees can also choose to stay at our partnering Resort & Guesthouses in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. We will share a list of Guest Houses & Resorts offering comfortable stay at various price levels.

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