February 17, 2016


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Bir International Yoga Festival – October 2017

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Bir International Yoga Festival

There’s nobody alive who does not want to live healthy, and those who are graced with health, desire joy.

The Bir International Yoga Festival 2017 will be a platform for the bringing together of those desiring health and joy. The Bir International Yoga Festival 2017 will consolidate in one place, at one time, experienced Yoga, Chi-qong and Tai-chi teachers, healers from the fields of Reiki, Chinese and Tibetan acupuncture as well as Ayurveda, and introduce the visitors to the healing and evolutionary arts of Sound and Vision healing.

Five Element Theme

The festival will be conducted under the general understanding of the 5 Elements that form the Universe and each one of us. It will be a Festival of the 5 Elements, a celebration of the 5 Senses in harmony. Come experience the 5 Elements outside and inside.

Bir International Yoga Festival Bir International Yoga Festival Bir International Yoga Festival Bir International Yoga Festival Bir International Yoga Festival Bir International Yoga Festival Bir International Yoga Festival

Our effort at Aryamarga Yoga is to help bring together authentic masters of the grand lineages and traditions of Yoga and the modern practitioners or teachers of Yoga from around the world in one place, here at Bir. The aim is for the codification and transmission of authentic inner yoga practices so that these practices can then be taught to students of Yoga around the world.


The Bir International Yoga Festival 2016 will be held in and around the environs of the Tibetan section of Bir Village. There will be platforms erected for the practice of Yoga, Chi-Qong and Tai-Chi, and large tents erected for the healers. The setting for these will be in large grass pastures adjoining the fields where the paragliders of Bir land as they come down from the Bir-Billing jump point, Asia’s best paragliding site.

Site maps and event schedules will be prepared and be made available at all the stalls and the Visitors assistance counter. Money exchange and ATM facilities are available in Bir village as well as 4G Internet and Wi-fi (in some hotels). For more information on Bir and how to get here, kindly visit Contact Us page.


Accommodation for the visitors will be in on the foothills of Indian Himalayas. AryaMarga provides for twin-sharing and independent tent facilities so that you soak in the teachings of Yoga at 6,000 feet on the laps of mighty Dhauladhar ranges. You wake up to clear blue skies with the snow-capped peaks in the background and classical music soothing your senses.

We have excellent tent facilities, which includes twin sharing tents, tent-space for people who wish to pitch their own tent, portable toilets and showers, security lockers, food stalls & WiFi zone.


Visitors can purchase Day passes allowing them to attend any number of workshops for the day the Pass is purchased. For registration and inquiries, please mail contact@aryamargayoga.org


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