September 2, 2016

P-TAK 4 Yogas Course

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P-TAK Course –Practical and Theory Course in the 4 Yogas 



Aryamarga Yoga is proud to present the Anubhava Yoga/ Experiential Yoga appreciation programme, a four-week intensive programme designed for those interested in actually experiencing the theory and practice of authentic Yoga. The Anubhava programme acts both as a precursor to Arya Marga Yoga’s more intense and exhaustive 5-month Anubhava Yoga TTC and independently, as a unique introduction to the ancient science of Integrated Yoga.


Known by their sanskrit terms-Hatha, Mantra, Tantra and Raja Yoga, the Four Yogas of the Body, the Mind, Consciousness and No-Mind have been practiced for millennia in India as one single Integrated system. This integrated system cannot simply be learnt-it must be experienced.

5 Element System

To rapidly enable the flowering of experiences in the Integrated 4 Yoga system, we utilize the experiential methods of Bhava-Spanda or Passion-Waves, the high intensification of mentally generated emotional states. The experience of this intensified emotion within the techniques of the 4 Yogas is the real inner revealer, and transformer of our personalities and bodies.

Experience in Samskrit is termed Anubhava and the Anubhava Yoga appreciation programme is designed to generate within the participants the inner experience of the 4 Yogas. The techniques learnt in the course will be practiced for maximum effect in these Himalayan settings to bring the experience to a close, and a new beginning.

Daily Schedule

6:00-7:30   – Practical Class 1

7:30-9:00   – Breakfast

9:00-10:30 – Theory Class1

10:30-11:00- Morning Tea Break

11:00-12:30- Theory Class 2

12:30-1:30 – Lunch

1:30-3:00   – Siesta

3:00-4:30   – Theory Class 3

4:30-5:00   – Evening Tea Break

5:00-6:30   – Practical Class 2

7:00-8:00   – Dinner and Day conclusion


After attending the course, students will be able to –

  • Gain a sound understanding of the integrative practices of the 4 Yogas
  • Improve their asana practice with the intensive practice of more than 27 asanas
  • Inculcate the practice of 5-Element Pranayama Kriya
  • Experience the higher meditation practices of Raja Yoga
  • Physically and mentally prepare themselves for the 5 month intensive yogic experience journey


Date : 25th April – 10th June 2019
Tuition Fees : Rs75,000 (Indians Nationals) $3000 (Foreign Nationals)
Venue : Bir, Himachal Pradesh
Registration –


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