Pranayama & Techniques – Controlled Expansion of Life Force

Prana is Vital or Sentient Energy and Yama is Control or Expansion. Hence, Pranayama is the controlled expansion of the life force. The Universe is Prana. Life is Prana. Consciousness is Prana. This is the View that must be held on to while undertaking the bliss-inducing Pranayama techniques. The objective of Pranayama and the various Read more about Pranayama & Techniques – Controlled Expansion of Life Force[…]

Yoga Nidra

Defining Yoga Nidra ‘Bestowing Love upon oneself’, is the meaning of Nidra, the Sanskrit word for Sleep, broken down to its Dhatu, or elemental meaning. Good people truly have reason to bestow such love unto themselves and bad people do not. That is why the Good sleep the undisturbed sleep of the virtuous and the Read more about Yoga Nidra[…]