September 14, 2015

Anubhava Yoga TTC

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Yoga, an ancient and highly developed science of the body and mind is understood by most of it’s dedicated  practitioners , as a sophisticated system that permits phenomenal psychological and physiological evolution and healing.

It would be irrational to suppose that a system of this depth and power can be mastered in one month. The dilution of the venerable science of Yoga into an easy vocation through the one month TTC (Teachers Training Courses)  has been one of the enduring tragedies of the world of Yoga study, practice and transmission.

5-month/1100-hour Teacher Training in Yoga :

Become the Change, and the Change Agent

Become the Change, and the Change Agent

AryaMarga Yoga has taken accountability for what we believe to be a restructuring of the existing Teacher Training Courses and through our highly intense curriculum deliver an unadulterated Yogic experience. Our aim is to recreate the style and content of teaching as was received personally by us from our Gurus of the ancient Lineage of Anuttara Yoga, a combination of the Hatha-Laya and Kundalini Yogas. Our courses are not particularly designed to be a career change, they are not vocational.

The 5 month ANUBHAVA YOGA TTC, or Experiential Yoga practice leads to a profound experience of authentic Yoga, it’s methods and views.  The actual experience within of the learned theory and techniques, using the experiential tools of ANUBHAVA YOGA TTC helps to develop an intuitive understanding of the therapeutic values of the asanas and psychological techniques learnt for the mind and body.

This in turn allows the student to move from being one who experiences the power of Yoga, to one who heals, and helps develop the bodies and minds of others with Yoga- a true teacher.

Anubhava Yoga TTC : 20th March – 30th August 2019

For an individual to be called a Yoga teacher he/ she must show proficiency in four related areas of Yoga:


Yoga asana practice, Pranayama or Life force expansion techniques, Mudra or Life-force expressions,  Bandhas or Life-force locks and the Shatkarma or the 6 Cleansing practices.


Understanding the theory of Samkhya Yoga based personality diagnosis. Application of Yogic techniques in two separate areas- firstly, self- willed evolution for one’s own personality complex, and secondly, yogic psychological counseling for others based on Yogic diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic techniques.



In-depth understanding of human anatomy-physiology and the effects of Yoga asanas, pranayamas and psychological techniques, on the multiple body systems involved in homoeostasis. Yogic theory of disease origins, prevention and cure. Application of the Hatha Kriyas and Yoga Psychotherapy in curing diseases and physiotherapy, across a range of 60 diseases.


Theory of Tantra and Emptiness;  Practice of Tattva Shuddhi or 5 Elemental Purification; Theory and techniques of Kundalini based Shat Chakra Bhedhana or Penetration of the 6 Circles.

It is our belief, at Aryamarga Yoga, that to attain a minimum proficiency in the above 4 inter- related areas of Yoga, a minimum period of 5 months of intensive training is necessary.  With over 1100 hours of Yogic theory and practicals, the 5 month ANUBHAVA YOGA TTC culminates in a 4 day final examination. Successful participants of the course are awarded four certifications in Yoga:

  1. Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha Teachers Certification
  2. Yoga Psychotherapy Teachers Certification
  3. Yoga Physiotherapy and Disease PreventionTeachers Certification
  4. Kundalini Yoga Teachers Certification

We pride ourselves in conserving the legacy of the authentic yogic practices of the Ancient Masters, and through rigorous discipline achieve the most intense experience we believe a TTC course currently offers today.

Students who’ve undergone a 200hr/500hr training will be preferred as the teachings of this course are intensive and prior foundational practice of Yoga is required to fully integrate such teachings. Students are expected to come prepared for a challenging and intensive 5-month experience, which would push the boundaries of their body and mind.

Detailed Course Schedule

3 Day Orientation Program

  • Registration and Visit to Bir and surrounding areas
  • Introduction to the Natha Lineage
  • 4 Vedas, Yugas, Shad-Darshanas, History of Yoga
  • Introduction to 5 Elements, Samkhya, Mantra Vidya, Laya and Raja

Anatomy and Physiology, P-TAK, Ayurveda & Yoga Nidra for  Yoga Therapy

  • Advanced Anatomy – Organ Systems, Asana & Physiology
  • P-TAK Asana Sequence
  • Ayurveda – Doshas, Diet & Nadi Vijnana
  • 5 Element Yoga Therapy – 15 ailments and 90 asanas, Endocrinal Mapping, Ayurvedic Mapping
  • Advanced Mudra and Yoga Nidra Techniques for Therapy
  • Hatha-Laya Yoga- Mapping of the Elemental combinations in the individual human psychology.
  • Learning the Sanskrit Language-I

P-TAK Asanas, HathaYoga Pradipika, Raja Yoga, Laghu Yoga Vaasishtha, Samkhya Yoga

  • P-TAK Asana Sequence-Basic
  • Samkhya Philosophy (Shuddha Tattvas, Kanchukas, Ashudda Tattvas)
  • 5 Element Theory & Practice
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Pranayama and Shat-karmas
  • Raja Yoga
  • Excerpts from Yoga Vaasishtha
  • Learning the Sanskrit Language-I

10-Day Break

Yoga Psychology, Siva Sutras, Laya Yoga Theory and Advanced Pranayama, Mudras

  • Advanced P-TAK Asana Sequence
  • Freudian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy
  • Functional behaviourism and test models
  • Cognitive Learning theories & Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Gestalt theory
  • Affective-Conative theories
  • Yogic View of the mind and consciousness
  • Applied Raja Yoga Sutras- Mapping of the Elemental combinations in the individual human psyche
  • The Levels and components of the Unique Personality Matrix as per Yogic Psychology
  • Introduction to Prognosis, Diagnosis and Therapy as per Yogic Psychology

Tantra Yoga-Vijnanabhairava, Mandukya Upanishad , Mantra Vidya and Bhuta Shuddhi Tantra Kriyas

  • VijananaBhairava Tantra Kriya
  • Omkar Siddhi
  • Mantra Uccarana and Dharana
  • Mandukya meditations
  • Basic Kundalini-Bhuta Shuddhi Kriya
  • Advanced P-TAK Asana Sequence

Meditation Retreat -Advanced Kundalini Kriya, Advanced Mudras, Vajrayana Tantra and Swara Yoga

Examination & Certification


Students stay at our sister concern – Namlang-Himal Resorts, an eco-village set up at the foothills of Dhauladhar ranges. The resort is a collection of traditional cottages that offer a peaceful and spiritually conducive atmosphere for retreats and workshops.

Registration & Fees

The 5 month experiential course opens with a 3 day orientation session, which introduces the teachings and the lineage to the students. A student will be accepted for the course only if the aptitude of the provisional student meets with the criterion of the course during the 3 day period. The entire course fee will be refunded (excluding the Registration Fee) in case the student decided to discontinue the course during the first 3 days. No refunds will be entertained post the orientation period.

We would advise you to please keep your travel programs for India flexible in case you do not meet the criterion of the course. Kindly contact Maria Angel (, our Program Mentor, for details regarding Schedule, Accommodation, Fees, Class Schedule, Content break-up, Study material,etc.

Registration Fees (Non-refundable)
Indian Citizen – Rs 15,000
Foreign National – $500

Course Fees for Dorm Accommodation(Includes Registration)
Indian Citizen – Rs 2,10,000
Foreign National – $ 7,500


Nada Hamdan (Anubhava Yoga TTC, Class of 2017)

“My time at Arya Marga Yoga Institute has been so surreal.  It has been really comforting and exciting to know that we are learning true yoga from the source – the Naga lineage, which is where yoga came from in the first place.  The Institute’s focus on Raja Yoga and Kundalini yoga has been important for me since I am more spiritually inclined.

It has been so interesting to learn about the system of the 5 Elements and I have learnt so much about myself and others that way. You will not find this kind of approach in any other TTC and it is very important as each person has a different combination of elements and so we can offer them a tailored package of asanas, pranayama, mudras, and meditations accordingly.

My favorite parts are Yoga Psychology (including personality types, Dream Yoga and many meditations) and the meditation retreat in Spiti where we put our new knowledge into more intensive practice.  You will go through so many changes as is the case of true healing and spiritual evolution, and you will learn how to help others achieve changes as well, so it is definitely worth it.

The Aryamarga team members are so helpful, caring and accommodating, so I can assure you that you are in good hands if you join this 5 months program.”

Snippets from the 5-Month Anubhava Yoga TTC


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