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Himalayas in the winters. Silent snow peaks in the distance and the circling giant Himalayan buzzard, high in the sky above. It is the perfect setting for diving deep and flying high into the worlds of Intution and Higher consciousness, using the vehicle of the meditative mind.

The Deep Winter Meditation retreats at AryaMarga Yoga are designed to activate cognitive processes that are normally dormant, using methods from the ancient Yogic systems, handed down to us through the Lineage of Naga-Mahasiddhas.

With the activation of these processes, a new state of mind is generated, what may be termed an evolutionary mind. Using the methods experienced within the Deep Winter Meditation retreat, one’s personality, capacities and thereby, life itself undergoes transformations, in phase after phase, over time and with sustained practice.

The ancient tantric texts of VijnanaBhairava, Siva Samhita, Kriya and Kundalini Yoga will give the theoretical basis for the actual experiential practices.

Meditation practices will include the following techniques:

  1. Focus Meditation or Dhyanas
  2. Awareness Meditation or Samyamas
  3. 5 Element/ Pancha Tattwa Meditations
  4. Kriya Yoga Meditations
  5. Laya/ Kundalini Yoga meditations from the Vajrayogini and Naropa Tantras
  6. Swapna Yoga Lucid Dreaming