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The Snow Line Retreat is your introduction to the practical and real way of living of the Hatha Yogis in the Himalayas, practicing the way the Yogis do, living in the snows as they do and relaxing in the way as only they do.

Being a 5 day full-on experiential course which is completely weather dependent, the notable training modules of the Snow Line Retreat are:

  • Yogic techniques of customized Asanas and mind-breathing practiced in the deep silence of the Himalayan winter to achieve psychological balance, intensity and capacity.
  • Path finding, survival and animal tracking/ spotting in snow covered semi-tropical forests of rhododendron, pine and deodar.
  • Trekking to High mountain forest hot water springs in snow conditions.
  • The understanding and practical application of psychosomatic homoeostasis techniques to breed and maintain peak performance.
  • Meditation techniques especially suited for isolated, high altitude and cold conditions.

At AryaMarga Yoga , where we believe Experience is the very Soul , we leave no stone unturned in bringing to you absolutely unique, life transforming experiences. We understand as you do, that transforming experiences of the body, mind and emotions are not just nice memories, they change us from within. The changed person then changes their perspective and desires, thus changing their future actions and their destiny itself.

Spot the Himalayan bear and if you’re lucky the mountain leopard. Watch the Himalayan buzzard dominate the sky-line as you fly next to the giant birds while Paragliding. Engage and activate your cardiovascular system as you mountain bike to the nearby Buddhist forest monasteries and there participate in silent meditations under the gaze of the 42 foot Maitreya Buddha in the beautiful central Meditation Halls.

Especially suited for those in reasonable fitness and those of the can-do spirit, who wish to walk their own path to the next level of the mind and body. The Snow Line Retreat at Arya Marga Yoga is The True Step-up, the Yogic way..