April 1, 2016

Yoga Psychology Course

The Anubhava Yoga 360° Yoga Psychology Course

The 1 month Yoga Psychology / Manasik Yoga programme is an intensive, 200 hour certification programme,  culminating in the awarding of the Manasik Yoga Kriyakar/ Yoga Psychology Novice certification.

Harking back to the Yoga of Discriminative Numeration or Samkhya Yoga, the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic techniques of Yoga Psychology are based on the understanding of the absolute and moment to moment uniqueness of each individual.  Non-abstract and parametrical, Yoga psychology proposes a layered perspective of personality, such personality seen as being composed of multiple co-dependent levels, comprised of interacting matrices of cognition, affectivity and conation, which are termed Jnana, Kriya and Iccha shaktis respectively in Yoga psychology.  Further, physiological factors, on the basis of homoeostasis, are also included as one of the interacting matrix structures, throughout the discovery and treatment period. By mapping these matrices and their link factors, we arrive at the Unique Integral Personality Matrix, without typecasting people into categories. In keeping with the unique personality of each individual, the prognostic and therapeutic techniques in Yoga psychology are uniquely tailored to suit such unique personalities.

The interacting matrices are not operational without the sensory environment, which acts as stimulus, and the associated interaction between the layered matrices of personality and perceived environmental factors is intensively covered in Yoga Psychology as most psychological imbalances find their root in the quality and type of this interaction. In fact, it is by manipulating the subject-object junctional experience that Yoga psychology works its most effective cures.

Contemporary psychology and its associated psychotherapeutic  techniques  categorise unique human personalities into neat boxes formed of pre-conceived notions, fancifully projected as axioms, by a psychiatric community constantly seeking the validation of psychology as a precise natural science. The hectic attempts to verifiably predict human mental processes through axiomatic structures, has led to the oversimplification of the immensely sophisticated and subtle human personality. Unbeknown to psychiatrists but well known to most others, humans are neither rats nor computers, so rat behaviourism and game theory cannot really help map the human mental process, as it is the observer of the rat experiment, not the rat, and the creator of the computer programme, not the programme, that is under study in psychology.

Zero-Point System

Zero-Point System

The prognostic effectiveness of Yoga psychology arises from the individual Yogic psychologist’s skill at arriving at a correct diagnosis of the Unique Integral Personality Matrix, using the evaluative and testing methods available in the Yoga psychology toolkit. Therapy is then administered through adjusting the imbalanced matrices and strengthening or re-associating weak or dissonant link factors.


1-month/200-hour Chikitsa Yoga Course – 24th June to 23rd July 2019

The 1 month Yoga Psychology/ Manasik Yoga programme is primarily designed to introduce those interested in psychology and associated counseling to the efficacious and humane principles of Integral Wellness, towards personally attaining states of psychological evolution, and to introduce methods of counseling that will promote psychological homoeostasis among their patients.

Students who’ve undergone a 200hr/500hr training will be preferred as the teachings of this course are intensive and prior foundational practice of Yoga is required to fully integrate such teachings.

Accommodation & Registration

Kindly contact Program Mentor Miss Maria Angel(contact@aryamargayoga.org) for details regarding Schedule, Accommodation, Fees, Class Schedule, Content break-up, Study material,etc.

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Course Fees

Registration Fees (Non-refundable)
Indian Citizen – Rs 5,000
Foreign National – $200

Course Fees for Dorm Accommodation(Includes Registration)
Indian Citizen – Rs 55,000
Foreign National – $ 1,800

Kindly contact Maria Angel (contact@aryamargayoga.org), our Program Mentor, for details regarding Schedule, Accommodation, Fees, Class Schedule, Content break-up, Study material,etc.