In order to understand the first 3 Brahma Chakras or energy centres within our pyscho-somatic selves, we must first understand the concept of Brahma.

Brahma, the word is made up of three parts. Like everything else in the Sanskrit language, the meaning of any word in Sanskrit is the combination of its Mantra sounds. In normal languages of human communication, a word is constructed through popular usage over a period of time. Not so in Sanskrit. Being a science of mantra sounds, and not strictly speaking a language, every word in Sanskrit has been ‘heard’ or ‘observed’ by the Rishis, the ancient seers of Mantras. The sound or the word is seen as the audio-visual wave, which is the object in reality. The word is the object, not a representation of the object. As all Masters of Consciousness perceive the same truth, just as scientists verify the same theories, it is also said in the Bible,’ And in the Beginning was the Word’.

Mantra – Reality as Sound

Just so with the word Brahma. Bri+Ah+Ma is Brahma. The one who sees the truth of this is termed a Brahman. Of course, the word Brahman has absolutely nothing to do with the millions of Indians who claim to be Brahman, simply because some distant ancestor was one. Wisdom is not an inherited privilege, it must be earned by each one. In Greece, the word Brahma was termed Brekhmos and this word when exported to Western Europe, became the Braegn of German and the Brain of English. And so most of us mean the word Brahma when we say Brain in English. And this word, Brain, is just as good as Brahma, used interchangeably and practically meaning the same.

Brahma – Brekmos – Braegn – Brain

So what do the 3 parts of Brahma mean? The First part Bri is the Mantra of Potential Creative Power. With this Mantra is associated the Essence of the Power to create. This is the Creative aspect of consciousness. The 2nd part Ah is the root sound of actual Creation or the transformation of Potential to that which is the Imminence of Manifestation. This 2nd part is when the Potential is converted to Manifest Energy, which will then be substantialised as Illusionary Reality inthe 3rd Part, Ma. This 3rd Part, Ma, is the Illusion of Substantial Reality, as perceived and cognised by manifest consciousnesses such as ours.

The Pendulum of Life – Bri + Ah + Ma

Within the 3rd part of Illusory Manifestation are wrapped the first two , Manifest Energy and Potential Creative Power. So, coming to the First three of the 7 Chakras, the very first Chakra, the Muladhara Chakra or Order of the Foundation Centre, is the Seating Place of Brahma. The World of Potential Creation through the reproductive system, the Vitalising force of Life which is the Kundalini and the Consciousness of Instinct, based upon the Primal Survival Instinct- these are the 3 Parts of the Muladhara Chakra, the Bri, the Ah and the Ma of Brahma.

From the basic world of the instinctive mind of the new born infant, the Bri power rises as the more complex Chakras are developed, with the Ah part of Brahma getting stabilised in the 2nd Chakra, the Swadiasthana, with the sexual development of the child, into a teenager. Finally the Ma part of Brahma, together now forming the complete Brahma, gets stabilised in the 3rd Chakra, the Manipura, by adulthood. This 3rd Chakra is where the psychological perspective and worldview of the adult are fully formed and represented through the fully developed personality. The Brahma Knot is the set of fixed perspectives and personality traits that lead to limitations, placed by our own selves on our total development-cognitive, affective, behavioural and somatic. To release the Knot of Brahma and allow for unfettered access to our own true potentials is the first objective of Yoga.

From here on the development of consciousness is into the world of Vishnu, the 4th and 5th Chakras, the Anahata and the Vishuddhi respectively.

More on these in our next article on the 7 Chakras. Stay tuned to the Chakras!