All the religions in the world are our common human legacy, yours and mine. This is both our spiritual starting point and ending point. But, like Nation, Gender and Age, we humans are also categorised and separated by Religion or the lack of belief in it.

The usual starting point of spirituality for anybody would be religion of his/her birth and the type of association he/she forms with such religion. The ending point is where the true spiritualist recognises all religions (and none), not as exclusive to each another, but where they are cognized as an integrated whole, and this whole is the spiritual legacy of each and every one of us. This is the ending point and the reason why in the ancient Vedic System, Atheism was one of the accepted ways, along with all spiritual ways.

Now, between the start and the end of this grand cycle of self-awareness or spiritual progress, there are stages of understanding or cognition that we go through. The stages are 7, but to go from one stage or level to another, we have to wilfully allow for the cycles of self-transformation or self-development.
How to achieve this constant self-transformation is the crux of the issue. And that is where Spiritual Hacking comes in.

Each one of us has unique persona and an even more complex and unique psyche. We will go into the difference betweent the two, persona and psyche in a subsequent article, but let us first deal here with the term spiritual hacking.

Since, each one of us is unique, we need, each one, a unique approach to learning. Now, we all need to start somewhere, in any subject we undertake to learn, practice and experience. That start is given by the True teacher, who activates our capacity for wilful auto-didactism.

But once the initial self-awareness and capacity for auto-didactism is awakened by the Guru or Guide, each and every one of us must stop depending further on the Guru or Guide. In the activation stage, the Guru acts as Teacher or Enabler, but after this stage over-dependence on the Guru will be like crutches, that may help a sick man move, but may prevent a healthy one from moving faster.

So to move Fast, to achieve more on any path and here we are focussing on the Spiritual one, we need to start hacking for ourself, based on our own persona, psyche and its’ capacities.

To do this hacking properly, one must activate a minimum of self-awareness, not only because self-awareness is necessary, but also because each of our propensities regarding our desires, and fears.

Say you have a propensity arising from the desire to speak the truth, of having a disgust of lying. This is a Principle of Yoga called Satya or Truth and by doing a Yogic developmental process based on the CAB (Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral) techniques of Viniyasa – Dharana (Psychological Assumption), Dhyana (Psychological Tunneling), and Samadhi (Common Mind), you could develop this propensity to the point where, as Yoga Sutras of Patanjali declare ‘Whatever the Truth-sayer says, shall become True’, you achieve in other words, Future Prophesying.


Now, to give an example of Integration through Hacking, let us take the second category, Desires. Let us assume for a moment that you desire sexual partnership. This is the sexual energy within desiring an external partner for desire completion. Using the Tantric Kundalini Internalization methods, for example, you could, without any external partner, convert this sexualized energy into Internal Sexual Completion and further, advance it into higher levels of the Ego, Intellect, and Aesthetic complexes, wherein this sexualized energy loses its ‘sexual form’ and is experienced as highly Intellectualized, or Aesthetic Energy and associated sensations.

Hence, you are integrating the Sexual and Intellectual levels of mind and above, using your propensities or energy, and the Tools of Yoga as machines to redirect this energy to other forms of experiences.

So we see from the above two examples how we have ‘hacked’ into the Raja Yoga perspectives in the 1st and Tantric Kundalini examples in the 2nd example. These are separate systems as such, but we are integrating it into our own selves, personas and psyche, thus becoming Spiritual Hackers.

Similarly, the practice of Compassion, so necessary for attaining Clear Wisdom on the Spiritual path is most easily attained by the practice of Christian mercy, tolerance and succor. Therefore, we could ‘hack’ compassion, for example, out of the Christian system and integrate it into our hacked spiritual system.

Buddhism, with its’ 3 major schools of Theravada, Vajrayana and Mahayana offer the most detailed and efficient mental process awareness and control techniques.

Body control techniques from Hatha Yogas are absolutely the best for maintaining the whole body association, neuro-muscular co-ordination and homeostasis. These are but a few examples of the fundamental parts of a purely custom system of Yoga, hacked out of the various authentic systems.

spiritual hacker

Therefore, the answer to a truly integrated life is to NOT become a Buddhist, Christian, or Hindu, rather it is to become an unique amalgam of all these and more. The uniqueness comes from your own unique self, the amalgamation is your integrated hack of that common legacy of all humanity – Wisdom.

And what is your hacked integrated system supposed to do? Why, integrate, and evolve the Body, Mind, Soul into Higher Consciousness, of course! So a joyous and wondrous journey to all you spiritual hackers out there. Hack your own way up the mountain of Universal Consciousness.