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March 2021

Are You a Spiritual Hacker?


All the religions in the world are our common human legacy, yours and mine. This is both our spiritual starting point and ending point. But, like Nation, Gender and Age, we humans are also categorised and separated by Religion or the lack of belief in it. The usual starting point of spirituality for anybody would be religion of his/her birth and the type of association he/she forms with such religion. The ending point is where the true spiritualist recognises all religions (and none), not as exclusive to each another, but where they are cognized as an integrated whole, and this whole [...]

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September 2019

The Yoga Revolution-Taking it to the Next Level


There is a lot of talk in Yoga circles today, of the watering down of Yoga by Yoga teaching institutes in alliance with an American registry of Yoga teachers. Accusations fly through the internet that the American registry has converted Yoga education into a vocational business. Doubts are cast on the skill and knowledge levels of a lot of the ‘teachers’ included in the registry. Fingers point to the fact that most of the students paying top-dollar for their 200 or 300 Hour TTC/ Certifications are in no position to perfect all the asanas, let alone teaching them, within just one [...]

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January 2016

Is Yoga Politically Correct?


The search for truth, only arrived at by constant, unceasing questioning, ties Science and Yoga together through a common string, the string of cause and effect. Anything done with a yogic perspective must have a clear sight of this cause and effect. Such a perspective does not always lend itself to political correctness. Whether on the current matters of intense focus, such as terrorism or global warming, or on the less fleeting matters such as relationships and emotions , the yogic perspective is not always what we would like to imagine it to be. When Yoga is given the label of being [...]

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Why NOT to Become a Yoga Teacher


It takes a medical student 5 years to acquire a minimal qualification, namely the M.B.B.S., upon which he/ she is qualified to be a doctor of medicine. Even after 5 years of rigorous study, such a doctor is only qualified as a general practitioner and may not undertake surgeries or specialized medical care, for which advanced degrees, such as the M.D. are required. Even at this advanced stage of medical care, the M.D. is implementing his/ her science only on the anatomy of the human body, and no more. Why Not to Become a Yoga Teacher (PC - [...]

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September 2015

Bir, Paragliding to Samadhi


Situated at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, Bir is a hidden gem for people interested in ecotourism, spiritual studies and meditation. It offers an isolated yet enriching experience to people who are looking for authentic learning experiences. Places like Deer Park, Dharmalaya and Aryamarga Yoga offer traditional wisdom in the field of spirituality, sustainable living and yoga. The picturesque town of Bir is also famous for adventure sports like paragliding and mountain biking. Bir is regarded as the second best paragliding site in the world after Lake Como in Italy. You take off from a height of 2400 meters in [...]

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Yoga and happiness


The way to unshakable happiness, the ability to joyfully accept any situation in life and the freedom to be not afraid of death are the great fruits of the practice of Yoga. Such a mastery over the experience of life and death is only possible for those who are willing and able to understand and practice the deeper and hidden realities of Yoga. The practice of bodily contortions resembling those of a circus acrobat or meditating under a tree, waiting for the fruit of 'enlightenment' to fall into one's lap is considered Yoga by most people. But it can be safely [...]

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