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March 2016

Yoga Psychology | Learning Through Epiphany


How do we Know something? How do we know something? And how do we know something for sure? These two things are definitely different. For example, we know that oranges are sweet, but to know for sure whether or not the orange lying on that table is sweet or not, we would have to take a bite ourselves. So knowledge which we hold to be true, we can’t really say if it is true or not until we test it ourselves. This is the method of direct perception. But then direct perception too can be deceiving-for example, if we were to [...]

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Yoga Psychology | Sattva Rajas Tamas – Trigunas II


Sattva Rajas Tamas - Trigunas II In Part I (read here) we had touched upon the evolutes arising out of the fusion of Prakrti / Prime Nature and Purusha / Prime Consciousness.  We saw how the 5 Jnanendriyas/ Organs of Knowledge and the 5 Karmendriyas/ Organs of Action are the only ways  for us to know or experience anything, and to interact with our environment.  Our individual and unique ways of Knowing and Action or Doing, reflect our unique combination of the Trigunas or the 3 Prime Qualities - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. We had also seen how all Yoga must [...]

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February 2016

Yoga Psychology | Sattva Rajas Tamas – Trigunas


Anyone doing some basic reading of Yoga theory will often come across the terms Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Together they are called the Triguna or the 3 Prime Qualities. Sattva-Rajas-Tamas To know where the Triguna originate, we must look into the origin of the Universe and the human, according to Yoga, in brief: out of the combination of Prakrti ( Prime Nature) and Purusha ( Prime Consciousness) come the 3 Prime Qualities, the Triguna, and from these 3 come the Pancha Tattva ( 5 Universal Elements), the Jnanendriyas (5 Senses/ Organs of Knowledge), the Pancha Prana (5 Pranas), the [...]

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CHITTA- The 4 Level Matrix Of The Mind


"As a human being, one has been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when confronted with what exists." - Albert Einstein Chitta, in Samskrit, the ancient language of Yoga, can be understood either as the entire range of consciousness, or the sub-conscious total memory storage area of the mind, depending upon the context in which the word is used. When Chitta is seen as the sub-conscious total memory storage area of the mind, the mind itself is seen as being composed of the following four parts: 1. Manas or the [...]

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