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November 2019

7 Chakras: Part Two- the World of Brahma and the first 3 Chakras


In order to understand the first 3 Brahma Chakras or energy centres within our pyscho-somatic selves, we must first understand the concept of Brahma. Brahma, the word is made up of three parts. Like everything else in the Sanskrit language, the meaning of any word in Sanskrit is the combination of its Mantra sounds. In normal languages of human communication, a word is constructed through popular usage over a period of time. Not so in Sanskrit. Being a science of mantra sounds, and not strictly speaking a language, every word in Sanskrit has been ‘heard’ or ‘observed’ by the Rishis, the [...]

7 Chakras: Part Two- the World of Brahma and the first 3 Chakras2019-11-29T07:03:30+00:00

September 2019

The Yoga Revolution-Taking it to the Next Level


There is a lot of talk in Yoga circles today, of the watering down of Yoga by Yoga teaching institutes in alliance with an American registry of Yoga teachers. Accusations fly through the internet that the American registry has converted Yoga education into a vocational business. Doubts are cast on the skill and knowledge levels of a lot of the ‘teachers’ included in the registry. Fingers point to the fact that most of the students paying top-dollar for their 200 or 300 Hour TTC/ Certifications are in no position to perfect all the asanas, let alone teaching them, within just one [...]

The Yoga Revolution-Taking it to the Next Level2019-09-27T15:11:57+00:00

September 2015

What is Yoga?


Yoga is practised by millions around the world today. Or is it? Yoga, comes from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’, which means to join. Karma, another Sanskrit word, means to do. And karma is exactly what we are all practising when we say we are practicing yoga. There is a world of difference between these two. Karma is a physical action; Yoga is the experience of mystery. Everyone wants to look fit; few have the time for abstract mysteries. So karma flourishes everywhere, Yoga flourishes in the hearts of a few. Today Yoga is taught in many parts of the world as [...]

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Tantra Yoga, Expanding and Evolving


In one word-what is tantra? Freedom. Freedom from limitations which are self-imposed. By familiarising the mind with states of lesser and lesser limitations-through the body, mind and speech/actions, we evolve- and that is what Tantra (Tantra Yoga) is all about. Irreverent evolution unto circles of ever expanding consciousness. At the end stage of the practice of Tantra the individual is absorbed into the continuum of universal consciousness. This continuum in itself is the universe and its experience as well. This is Tantra. As per the Sandhi, or the morphological combination of the individual morphemes, Tantra, made up of two morphemes, Tan and [...]

Tantra Yoga, Expanding and Evolving2016-09-03T11:04:29+00:00

8 Limbs of Yoga- The Raja Yoga of Patanjali


Patanjali, one of the great unkown masters of ancient Indian sciences and languages, was no longer human when he transmitted the aphorisms  that came later to be recorded and popularised as Raja Yoga, or the 8 limbs of Yoga. Patanjali, 8 Limbs of Yoga The very essence of the 8 Limbs of Yoga or Raja Yoga lies in the understanding of what it means to be human and how, given that understanding, one can wilfully transcend unto higher states. Having then transcended to beyond where there is no more transcendence, the thing that remains is not a human, in [...]

8 Limbs of Yoga- The Raja Yoga of Patanjali2016-09-03T11:04:44+00:00

Pranayama & Techniques – Controlled Expansion of Life Force


Prana is Vital or Sentient Energy and Yama is Control or Expansion. Hence, Pranayama is the controlled expansion of the life force. The Universe is Prana. Life is Prana. Consciousness is Prana. This is the View that must be held on to while undertaking the bliss-inducing Pranayama techniques. Ujjai Breathing - Pranayama Technique The objective of Pranayama and the various Pranayama Techniques is to achieve Sensitization or Familiarization Harmonization Amplification Unified Concentration as concerns Prana. So, the practices are also four-fold, with the initial practices being aimed at the cognition of internal and subtle internal processes. Cognition can be [...]

Pranayama & Techniques – Controlled Expansion of Life Force2016-09-03T11:04:54+00:00

The Practice of Hatha Yoga


Hatha Yoga needs to be practiced according to the '8 limb yoga' path as mentioned by Patanjali. Integrating Raja Yoga practices is the very essence and the secret of the practice of Hatha Yoga. The ultimate objective of Hatha Yoga, like all Yoga-s, is Samadhi or the end of all suffering. The highest suffering is death. The lower sufferings are the physical diseases, the emotional sadness and the many ups and downs that are part and parcel of the human life and the human body. Asana, is part of Hatha Yoga Now, other Yogas transcend - through correct and consistent [...]

The Practice of Hatha Yoga2016-09-03T11:05:06+00:00

Yoga Nidra


Defining Yoga Nidra ‘Bestowing Love upon oneself’, is the meaning of Nidra, the Sanskrit word for Sleep, broken down to its Dhatu, or elemental meaning. Good people truly have reason to bestow such love unto themselves and bad people do not. That is why the Good sleep the undisturbed sleep of the virtuous and the bad may hunt hither, thither and all over, but never find soulful sleep. Yoga Nidra has an additional, more specific meaning. The Love that arises from the Heart of the Deity and is Bestowed unto oneself, is Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, as in all forms of [...]

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What is Hatha Yoga?


What is Hatha Yoga? What is its relevance to Asnas? How is it related to other forms of Yoga? Hatha means two things-if we break up the word into ha and tha it stands for the sun and the moon. And as a single word Hatha-it stands for will power, disregarding physical pain, lethargy and discomfort completely. So taken together the word Hatha means strong, wilfull effort to balance the sun and moon energy within the body. The Sun,  as everybody knows is the source of all energy on planet Earth and in our Solar system. Without the Sun no life can [...]

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5 Types of Meditation


Mediation is a state of being, it is an anubhavah (experience) which arises from a bhavah (emotion). To define meditation is like defining an emotion, an experience. It is like trying to touch yourself through a mirror. Hence it is futile to put in words the definition of meditation, however we can define and examine the process of getting into a meditative state. How do you meditate? The process of Meditation, is the process of gaining a less scattered consciousness. A meditative state of being arises when the consciousness is either acute, one-pointed focus on one object (ekagrat), or in complete harmony towards all objects (shamath). Therefore, [...]

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Yoga and happiness


The way to unshakable happiness, the ability to joyfully accept any situation in life and the freedom to be not afraid of death are the great fruits of the practice of Yoga. Such a mastery over the experience of life and death is only possible for those who are willing and able to understand and practice the deeper and hidden realities of Yoga. The practice of bodily contortions resembling those of a circus acrobat or meditating under a tree, waiting for the fruit of 'enlightenment' to fall into one's lap is considered Yoga by most people. But it can be safely [...]

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