September 2, 2016

P-TAK 4 Yogas Course

P-TAK Course –Practical and Theory Course in the 4 Yogas 
23rd March – 6th May 2020



Aryamarga Yoga is proud to present the Anubhava Yoga/ Experiential Yoga appreciation programme, a four-week intensive programme designed for those interested in actually experiencing the theory and practice of authentic Yoga. The Anubhava programme acts both as a precursor to Arya Marga Yoga’s more intense and exhaustive 5-month Anubhava Yoga TTC and independently, as a unique introduction to the ancient science of Integrated Yoga.

Known by their sanskrit terms-Hatha, Mantra, Tantra and Raja Yoga, the Four Yogas of the Body, the Mind, Consciousness and No-Mind have been practiced for millennia in India as one single Integrated system. This integrated system cannot simply be learnt-it must be experienced.

5 Element System

To rapidly enable the flowering of experiences in the Integrated 4 Yoga system, we utilize the experiential methods of Bhava-Spanda or Passion-Waves, the high intensification of mentally generated emotional states. The experience of this intensified emotion within the techniques of the 4 Yogas is the real inner revealer, and transformer of our personalities and bodies.

Experience in Samskrit is termed Anubhava and the Anubhava Yoga appreciation programme is designed to generate within the participants the inner experience of the 4 Yogas. The techniques learnt in the course will be practiced for maximum effect in these Himalayan settings to bring the experience to a close, and a new beginning.

Snippets from the 45-Day P-TAK Course

Course Highlights

  • All the teachings are untouched and selected practices of the ancient Naga and Buddhist Vajrayana Lineages, tailored to be applicable for modern Yogic lifestyles.
  • Taught by teachers from the Forest tradition of the Giri Monks.
  • Detailed and Practical teaching of the Samkhya/ Numerological Reality.
  • Intensive training on the 27 Asanas P-TAK [5 Elements Asana Kriya] Sequence.
  • Training on identifying the Elemental compositions of any Yoga Asana.
  • Practical training on the identification of the unique 5 Elements mix and the Psychology of the Individual.
  • Intensive, exhaustive and descriptive teaching of the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
  • Analytical and practical teaching of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Yogi Swatmarama.
  • Introduction to the 54 Asanas Advanced P-TAK [5 Elements Asana Kriya] Sequence.
  • More than 40 Hours of training on Assists and Hands on experience of Teaching Classes.
  • Introduction to the systems of Mantra Yoga and Yantra Yoga, the science of Mystic Sound and Geometry.
  • Introduction to the systems of Feminine Power, the Kundalini-Laya Yoga.
  • Introduction to the Vajrayana system of Buddhist Tantra.
  • Practical experience of the meditation techniques of the VijnanaBhairava, from the ancient Shiva branch of Yoga-Tantra.
  • Teachings from one of the most highly considered ancient Indian post-Vedic Texts, the Mandukya Upanishad.
  • Practical teaching and hands on Teaching Classes of Yoga Nidra or Lucid Dreaming.
  • Demonstration and guided teaching of the 6 Cleansing and Detoxifying Practices of Hatha Yoga, the ShatKarmas.
  • Detailed teachings on the a) Awareness, b) Focus, c) One pointedness and d) Intuition categories of Meditation.
  • Overnight Treks and mountain day walks to Forest hot springs and Himalayan mountain ridges for mountain herbs spotting.
  • Ideal, aesthetic and quiet mountain retreat ashram atmosphere for the proper practice and study of the Yogas.

After attending the course, students will be able to –

  • Gain a sound understanding of the integrative practices of the 4 Yogas
  • Improve their asana practice with the intensive practice of more than 27 asanas
  • Inculcate the practice of 5-Element Pranayama Kriya
  • Experience the higher meditation practices of Raja Yoga
  • Physically and mentally prepare themselves for the 5 month intensive yogic experience journey

Dates :  23rd March – 6th May 2020


Registration Fees (Non-refundable)*
Indian & SAARC Country Citizen – Rs 20,000
Non-SAARC Country Citizen – $500
*One time Registration & Trek Charges of USD $500 / INR 20,000 are in addition to the overall course fees for the selected course & are not to be considered as included or deducted from the notified course fee.

Venue : Bir, Himachal Pradesh
Kindly contact our Student Relationship Director at for more details on course fees, accommodation registration details



Ashray Sood

This module sets the foundation for the entire 5 months and it is definitely well structured: 3-4 hours of physical asanas (1 and half in the morning, 1 and half in the evening), 1 and half hours of pranayama, and 4-5 hours of theory a day. This is not for the faint hearted. Your true intention behind learning yoga is really tested in these 45 days. It really tests your mental, physical and emotional grit but that is what you need for deep and genuine transformation. If one makes it past these 45 days, the rest of the course becomes a little easier to take on. One has to be on their toes from day one to make the most of this course, doing the asanas and then going back EVERY night to revise and absorb what they have learnt and perhaps even meditate on it. I came with a life-threatening bacterial infection called staph infection which resulted in major boils and eczema throughout my
body, but despite that I pulled through it. This made me realize what a human being is capable of when pushed beyond the limits the mind/body sets on itself.
Beyond the terror and torture lies freedom and bliss. It establishes the foundation towards living the lifestyle of a Hatha Yogi (self-willed evolution). Because one realizes that yoga is not just physical stretching, twisting and bending. It is a lifestyle, it is a way of being, is a fundamental way to get in touch with, befriend and transform your mind, body, emotions and the very energy that you carry deeply.

Marta Castello Branco

Marta Castello BrancoAryamarga’s 45-Day-Yoga-Course is an excellent way to deepen both practice and knowledge on Yoga, helping to find the essential connection between them. As a complete path that includes the physical yogic activity and the unfolding of cognitive faculties, it promotes internal balance and naturally leads to higher states of consciousness. Asana and Pranayama Kryias are intense and provide a rich basis to self-practice. The study of fundamental texts of the Lineage is completely based on translations and commentaries developed in the institute. It clearly reflects the high level of authentic Yoga practice that has being made here. All the teachers are honestly committed, supportive and extremely generous. There is a lot of knowledge here and also the means to transmit it in a comprehensive way are thoroughly developed. I strongly recommend Aryamarga Yoga. May it benefit as many people as possible!   

Manuel Hoegl

Manuel HoglBeautifully located in the Himalayan foothills – bestowing energy, focus and clarity upon this place – the AryaMarga TTC offers a unique opportunity to experience an integrative approach of traditional and authentic teachings of yoga, embedded in the context of modern life.

The caring warmth of the teachers, their dedication and compassion carried me through an as intense as insightful experience, gaining deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga – in personal practice and in theory – and the processes of life itself, while establishing a more balanced and harmonious state of being.

A definite recommendation for all practitioners and teachers, who want to dive deeper,  strive for insight and are willing to spark their inner fire.