March 11, 2019

Course Schedule

Detailed Course Schedule

3 Day Orientation Program : 18th March – 20th March 2020

  • Registration and Visit to Bir and surrounding areas
  • Introduction to the Natha Lineage
  • 4 Vedas, Yugas, Shad-Darshanas, History of Yoga
  • Introduction to 5 Elements, Samkhya, Mantra Vidya, Laya and Raja

P-TAK Asanas, HathaYoga Pradipika, Raja Yoga, Laghu Yoga Vaasishtha, Samkhya Yoga : 23rd March – 6th May 2020

  • P-TAK Asana Sequence-Basic
  • Samkhya Philosophy (Shuddha Tattvas, Kanchukas, Ashudda Tattvas)
  • 5 Element Theory & Practice
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Shat-karmas
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras – Raja Yoga
  • Excerpts from Mandukya Upanishad and Shiva Sutra
  • Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
  • Learning the Sanskrit Language-I

Anatomy and Physiology, P-TAK, Ayurveda & Yoga Nidra for  Yoga Therapy : 7th May – 5th June 2020

  • Advanced Anatomy – Organ Systems, Asana & Physiology
  • P-TAK Asana Sequence
  • Ayurveda – Doshas, Diet & Nadi Vijnana
  • 5 Element Yoga Therapy – 20 ailments and 90 asanas, Endocrinal Mapping, Ayurvedic Mapping
  • Advanced Mudra and Yoga Nidra Techniques for Therapy
  • Hatha-Laya Yoga- Mapping of the Elemental combinations in the individual human psychology.
  • Learning the Sanskrit Language-I

14-Day Break (Students to arrange for their Boarding & Lodging during the Mid-Course Break) : 6th – 19th June 2020

Yoga Psychology, Siva Sutras, Laya Yoga Theory and Advanced Pranayama, Mudras : 20th June – 19th July 2020

  • Foundational P-TAK Asana Sequence
  • Functional behaviourism and test models
  • Affective-Conative theories as per the Laya Chakra System
  • Yogic View of the mind and consciousness
  • Applied Raja Yoga Sutras- Mapping of the Elemental combinations in the individual human psyche
  • The Levels and components of the Unique Personality Matrix as per Yogic Psychology
  • Introduction to Prognosis, Diagnosis and Therapy as per Zero Point System
  • Cognitive Learning theories & Cognitive Behavioural therapy as per the Zero Point System

Tantra Yoga-Vijnanabhairava, Mandukya Upanishad , Mantra Vidya and Bhuta Shuddhi Tantra Kriyas : 20th July – 18th August 2020

  • VijananaBhairava Tantra Kriya
  • Omkar Siddhi
  • Mantra Uccarana and Dharana
  • Mandukya meditations
  • Basic Kundalini-Bhuta Shuddhi Kriya
  • Foundational P-TAK Asana Sequence
  • Meditation Retreat -Advanced Kundalini Kriya, Advanced Mudras, Vajrayana Tantra and Swara Yoga