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Aryamarga Yoga Institute

Experience is soul


At AMY we integrate the body-mind yogic principles of attaining psychological homeostasis or well-being through physical homeostasis. Our yoga therapy is based on the integration of parametric systems of contemporary psychology, with the ancient yogic systems of mind control

Why Choose AryaMarga Yoga?

Why Choose?

AryaMarga Yoga

Who should Choose AryaMarga Yoga?

Those who wish to undertake self-willed transformation

Those wishing to move beyond the superficial nature of modern yogic teaching methods to an Authentic, Lineage experience of Yoga

Those who believe personal Evolution has no limits

Those willing to undertake risk, uncertainty and intense self-motivation

Those who believe Yoga is not simply a bunch of techniques but is a way of life and its living

Those whose physical fitness is average at a minimum, and who wish to crossover into advanced levels of physical fitness

Those who believe they can overcome all and anything given the right effort and method

Those who appreciate the vast power and reach of the human intellect and intuition

Those who wish to allow the true potential of the human mind to unfold

Those who are secular and liberal in their approach to life and faith

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AryaMarga Yoga Institute Bir, District Kangra Himachal Pradesh 176 077 India

Phone: +9185809 25578

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