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September 2019

Yoga Psychology | Breaking the knot of Lust


The Human mind, as per yogic traditions has 3 modes of being- the Instinctive, the Intellectual and the Intuitive. Every thought, emotion and action comes from a cognitive base dominated by one of these three, but in which the other two modes are also present to varying degrees. According to Yogic Psychology, lust is the instinctive version of intellectual affection, as is love the intuitive mode of instinctive lust. From desire eternal, springs the hope of acquiring, or accomplishing that which is desired, then comes the joy of the hunt or the search, followed by the accomplishment or acquirement and its [...]

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Yoga Psychology | Overcoming Fear


Fear arises with Life, for all that is born will surely die. A star, a planet, a human or a tree, all of these have a life expectancy upon the expiry of which period, they all succumb to the opposite of life, death. The most primal fear, that of not-being, or death, is shared by all manifest objects in the Universe. In Yogic Psychology terms, this primal fear-emotion is said to be concentrated in the Mūlādhāra Chakra or the Root-Identity Consciousness. 4 Parts of Fear Physical Fear Primal fear is, in the human, to be seen in four parts. The first [...]

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