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September 2015

Tantra Yoga, Expanding and Evolving


In one word-what is tantra? Freedom. Freedom from limitations which are self-imposed. By familiarising the mind with states of lesser and lesser limitations-through the body, mind and speech/actions, we evolve- and that is what Tantra (Tantra Yoga) is all about. Irreverent evolution unto circles of ever expanding consciousness. At the end stage of the practice of Tantra the individual is absorbed into the continuum of universal consciousness. This continuum in itself is the universe and its experience as well. This is Tantra. As per the Sandhi, or the morphological combination of the individual morphemes, Tantra, made up of two morphemes, Tan and [...]

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5 Types of Meditation


Mediation is a state of being, it is an anubhavah (experience) which arises from a bhavah (emotion). To define meditation is like defining an emotion, an experience. It is like trying to touch yourself through a mirror. Hence it is futile to put in words the definition of meditation, however we can define and examine the process of getting into a meditative state. How do you meditate? The process of Meditation, is the process of gaining a less scattered consciousness. A meditative state of being arises when the consciousness is either acute, one-pointed focus on one object (ekagrat), or in complete harmony towards all objects (shamath). Therefore, [...]

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