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December 2019

7 Chakras- The Top 5 Positive Psychological Qualities of the Chakras


Muladhara Chakra/ Circle of the ‘Order of the Foundation’ : Based on the World of Instinct and the Core Physical Body, the Muladhara Chakra is also the Foundational Circle of the Earth Element, the last of the manifest Elements. Stability: Without an active and balanced Muladhara, there can be no stability in the psychosomatic person, in the body and the mind. Scattering of the mind in terms of hyperactive thinking processes, unsteadiness of the breathing cycle and a weaker skeeto-muscular structure will be the result of a weakened or unbalanced Muladhara. For achieving anything, a stable mind and body are necessary. [...]

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September 2019

Yoga Psychology | Root Identity – The Muladhara Chakra


As per Freudian psychoanalytic theory, there is in the normal human mind the awareness of the Ego, the Id and the Super-Ego and these together make up the persons sense of identity. The Id is instinctive and is constructed of basic pleasure principles, the Super-Ego is the idealist and the ‘conscience’, whereas the Ego is the practical sense of identity that negotiates and acts between the two. So Id comes first, followed by Ego and lastly the matured Super-Ego, in a vertical. In Yogic theory, the tripartite division of the cognitive sense of identity is horizontal, unlike the vertical of the [...]

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