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January 2016

Is Yoga Politically Correct?


The search for truth, only arrived at by constant, unceasing questioning, ties Science and Yoga together through a common string, the string of cause and effect. Anything done with a yogic perspective must have a clear sight of this cause and effect. Such a perspective does not always lend itself to political correctness. Whether on the current matters of intense focus, such as terrorism or global warming, or on the less fleeting matters such as relationships and emotions , the yogic perspective is not always what we would like to imagine it to be. When Yoga is given the label of being [...]

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Why NOT to Become a Yoga Teacher


It takes a medical student 5 years to acquire a minimal qualification, namely the M.B.B.S., upon which he/ she is qualified to be a doctor of medicine. Even after 5 years of rigorous study, such a doctor is only qualified as a general practitioner and may not undertake surgeries or specialized medical care, for which advanced degrees, such as the M.D. are required. Even at this advanced stage of medical care, the M.D. is implementing his/ her science only on the anatomy of the human body, and no more. Why Not to Become a Yoga Teacher (PC - [...]

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