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The World of Yoga-The Heart of Passion-Kashmir Shaivism

Life becomes rich and meaningful as it becomes coloured by intense passion and unbreakable intentions. In fact, life transforms, from a purely materialist and predictable reality full of tensions and depressions, to a wondrous universe of aesthetic sensations and unbounded creativity.

In the Name of Ascension

In the Name of Ascension

At the centre of this changed ‘universe of perception’ within, lies the Heart of Passion- the Spanda Hrdaya.

Kashmir Shaivism, a 2500 year old system of Tantra so named because of its Lineage arising from ancient Oddiyana, today’s Indian Kashmir, has three root texts-

  • Siva Sutras dealing with cognitive evolution,
  • Spanda Karikas dealing with emotional evolution and
  • Vijnanabhairava dealing with the Fourth State of Consciousness called Turiya

The purpose of the Heart of Passion retreat is to offer an experience of the theory, techniques and ways of being of Kasmir Shaivism to those interested in powerful, fast but risky methods of yogic evolution.

The Tantras and their methods or Yantras if performed correctly are the fastest path to spiritual and psychological evolution. But the inherent psychological risk in these practices means that the Yantras of Power must only be learned from Lineage traditions and teachers with personal experience.

Our elemental analysis of the students and customized teaching of Yantra techniques within a controlled and liberal environment means that the participants can safely enter the evolutionary domain or mandala of the Tantras.

Daily Schedule

1) Asana 5 Elements : 7:30 – 8:45am

2) Yoga Theory : 10:30 – 11:30am

3) Pranayama & Meditation : 12:00 – 1:00pm

4) Yoga Theory : 3:30 – 4:45pm

5) Meditation Techniques: 5:00 – 6:15pm


This 2 day intensive Tantra retreat will enable the students to-

  • Appreciate the worldview and theory of the ‘Father Line’ or Siva Tantras
  • Analyse their own personality from the Tantric perspective
  • Redesign their own personalities using the Sutra techniques
  • Increase creativity and attention span
  • Gain access to higher levels of inner consciousness through the Yantras

The Heart of Passion Tantra retreat is open to all who wish to gain an understanding into the theory and practices of the most powerful Tantric system ever devised, the 2500 year old Father Tantra of Shiva. Students who’ve undergone a 200hr/500hr training will be preferred as the teachings of this course are intensive and prior foundational practice of Yoga is required to fully integrate such teachings.

Age group: 21+
Dates: 28th – 29th November 2020
Venue: Bir
Contact and Registration: contact@aryamargayoga.org