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Objective –

Prana, Mana or Chi, is Vital or Sentient Energy, our Life-force and Yama is it’s Control or Expansion. Hence Pranayama is the controlled expansion of the Sentient Life- Force. Life is Prana, the Universe is Prana, everything around us is nothing but Prana. The aim of this workshop if four-fold; the students will first be introduced to techniques of familiarisation and sensitisation of the Prana force. The next stage is the Harmonization of inner Life-forces that we are now  capable of experiencing, followed by Amplification of the Life-forces and lastly Unified Concentration of Prana through various Pranayama Kriyas such as Surya Bhedna, Chandra Bhedna, Anulom Vilom, Kapaalbhati, Bhastrika and Brahmari.  Such Unified concentration of Prana is the very essence of a healthy body-mind complex. Success in our endeavours depends on the Unified concentration of the Life-forces, a technique that comes naturally to those who have been highly successful in their fields.
Prana is Mind and Mind is Prana, and hence these practices are aimed at transforming your mind by having control over your Prana.

After attending the course, students will be able to –

Perceive internal and external Prana/ Life-force
Obtain better control over Psycho-motor activity
Appreciate the Science of Prana and its functions
Practice the Laghu Pranayama Kriya system, a precursor to the Bhuta Shuddhi Kriya/ Elemental Purification system and the Kundalini-Anubhava Kriya, which is the Experience of Kundalini system.

Who should attend –

Intermediate/Advanced Yoga Practitioners

Students who’ve undergone a 200hr/500hr training will be preferred as the teachings of this course are intensive and prior foundational practice of Yoga is required to fully integrate such teachings.