April 1, 2016

Yoga Therapy Course

Yoga Therapy

The Anubhava Yoga 360° Somatic Therapy Course

The 1 month Yoga Preventive Therapy/Chikitsa Yoga  is an introduction to the physiological branch of Yogic therapy, seen through the perspective of contemporary medical knowledge. Yogic therapy, as such, is an integrated system of homoeostasis promotion for the psychological and physiological structures of the body. Within the overall system of Yogic therapy, Chikitsa Yoga concentrates on promoting structural harmony and disease prevention/ healing, through the manipulation of the physiological structure-the human body.

The basis of physical and mental homoeostasis is the hormonal or endocrinal system of the body. Asanas or Yogic physical postures, by forcing the body into certain positions, create conditions within the body that activate the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus region of the brain. Being activated in specific ways, these controlling sectors of the endocrinal system then secrete or inhibit hormones in  combination with the other endocrinal glands, causing  desired metabolic and other organic changes within the body.

From the skeletal-muscular framework to the hormonal and systemic regulation of the internal organs, Yoga asanas act in a transformative manner, not just in the healing process and disease prevention, but of equal import, the asana practice extends life-expectancy by preventing ageing factors such as stenosis.

An understanding of the complex, networked human physiology and its relation to the Life-force/ Prana matrix comprise the essence of the 1 month Yoga Therapy programme. The application of this knowledge to address a range of 20 diseases, across 5 body systems, using asanas and pranayamas as the tools of therapy, is the practical section of the 1 month Chikitsa Yoga programme.

1-month/200-hour Chikitsa Yoga Course – 7th May to 5th June 2020

The 1 month Yoga Preventive Therapy/Chikitsa Yoga programme is an intense, full-time residential course. There will be 200 hours of training and teaching, with a mandatory attendance requirement of 95%, in order to appear for the final examination.

Students having successfully completed the course will be awarded the Chikitsa Yoga Kriyakar or Yoga Therapy Novice certification, enabling them to suggest and teach, with the advice of Aryamarga Yoga or registered medical practitioners, methods of disease prevention, disease elimination and physio-therapy.

Mandatory pre-requirements for course application are:

  1. Ability to perform correctly a minimum of 27 asanas out of the 105 asanas covered in the course.
  2. Minimum one year experience in teaching Yoga, and/or physiotherapy/ sports medicine.
  3. Required foundation level knowledge regarding human anatomy/ physiology, and/or Hatha Yoga principles.


One time Registration & Trek Charges of USD $500 (Non-SAARC Country Citizen/ INR 20,000 (SAARC Country Citizen) are in addition to the overall course fees for the selected course & are not to be considered as included or deducted from the notified course fee.

Registration Fees (Non-refundable)
Indian & SAARC Country Citizen – Rs 20,000
Non-SAARC Country Citizen – $500


The 1 month yoga therapy course opens with a 2 day orientation session, which introduces the teachings and the lineage to the students. A student will be accepted for the course only if the aptitude of the provisional student meets with the criterion of the course during the 2 day period. The entire course fee will be refunded (excluding the Registration Fee) in case the student decided to discontinue the course during the first 3 days. No refunds will be entertained post the orientation period.

We would advise you to please keep your travel programs for India flexible in case you do not meet the criterion of the course. Kindly contact Program Mentor (contact@aryamargayoga.org) for details regarding Schedule, Accommodation, Fees, Class Schedule, Content break-up, Study material,etc.