Integrative Yoga & Therapy

At AMY we integrate the body-mind yogic principles of attaining psychological homeostasis or well-being through physical homeostasis.
Our yoga therapy is based on the integration of parametric systems of contemporary psychology, with the ancient yogic systems of mind control
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Yoga Psychology Training

AMYs 1 month Yoga Psychology Certification course introduces the framework, diagnostic and prognostic techniques of Yogic Psychology

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Anubhava Yoga 1100hr TTC

The 5 month Integrated Yoga Teachers Certification course covers Yoga Physiology, Psychology and Kundalini Kriya, leading to therapeutic skill building and a profound experience of authentic Yoga.

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p-TAK 4 YOGA Course

An Intense 45-day certification course that introduces the Integrated teachings and practices of Hatha, Mantra, Laya & Raja Yoga

Lineage and Teachings

The lineage of Yoga strongly holds the view that we must experience within what we learn in theory, for Yoga to be successful.
We transmit the Experience of Integral Yoga of the Ancient Lineage of 84 Mahasiddhas

The Aryamarga Yoga teachings are an integrated system of untouched and unchanged practices of the 4 stages of Yoga, handed down over a period of more than 5000 years from ancient Guru-s of the Lineage of the 84 Mahasiddha-s / Great Accomplishers.

Our Guru, at whose lotus feet we had the fortune of receiving the essence of these teachings hails from the same lineage. The authentic teachings divide the practice of Yoga into 4 sections - to balance and amplify life-energy, to evolve the mind, to transform consciousness and finally to attain One-ness with universal consciousness.These 4 stages are known as Hatha, Mantra, Kundalini and Samadhi in Yoga.

We teach the 4 stages separately in retreats and in an integrated form in the Teachers and Advanced Teachers Training Courses. Our couses, based on the traditions therefore give importance to specific techniques-physical, mental and senses based, that cause the inner experiences which are required for progress in the path of Yoga.

When we move into authentic lineage Yoga, we move beyond the 'only physical' experience. Resting in fearless joyfulness, Yoga becomes the way of life itself, transforming ourselves constantly and gladdening those who come into contact with us.


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